Important Notice! We are moving outside an even cooler box…

28 01 2008

Yep. The time has come for DBUI to get even cooler. Up until now Don’t box us in! has been hosted at (a simple wordpress blog). But the time has come for us to get all swanky and wicked cool with our new blog from the rockstars at Flosites


From now on you’ll only be able to access new DBUI interviews, news, contest links, and other latest buzz at the new site:


The wordpress blog will no longer be active (although all current posts will remain) so please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. If you are an email subscriber your subscription should be automatically updated. If you are an RSS subscriber, you’ll need to subscribe to the new feed: 


See you there! 




24 01 2008

…a new member of the admin team on Don’t Box Us In… Paige Elizabeth.

Paige Elizabeth

We’re incredibly pleased to have Paige join the DBUI team, especially as she was one of our favorite contributors last year. We featured some of her stunning work during the month of September and now she’s going to experience DBUI from the other side! It’s great to have you on board Paige!

And if you’re wondering, Paige is the lovely lady in the series of shots above!