Brides and Grooms are becoming aware that their day is unique, and that their choice of photographer and videographer should be someone that can capture all of the aspects of the day, in a unique way.

The staff of Trash the Dress has decided to create a website that features today’s best Artistic and Creative Photographers. We have a great thing going with Trash the Dress, but we thought it we be great to show off the other amazing shots, besides the dress trashing, that are being created by photographers who have been given creative control.

We aren’t saying that your photographer shouldn’t be capturing the traditional formals or group shots….we’re just saying that when it comes to your wedding portfolio, if you are looking for amazing creative shots that will really set your pictures apart from everyone else, look for a creative photographer. Creatives don’t like to be boxed in with titles such as Portrait Artist, Photojournalist, or even Fashion Photographer. A good creative photographer uses a mixture of styles to create the ultimate portfolio for his or her clients.

We don’t like checklists. We don’t like the ordinary. We don’t like copying what’s been done. Inspire us, Ask us, Influence us, Show us, but don’t box us in. Let us bring our style and experience to your wedding experience to create an amazing and unique illustration of your story.

After all, we know our clients don’t like to live in a box either. Come experience the other side of wedding photography.

Feel free to email us at: admin@dbui.org


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22 06 2007
Denise Neufeld

What a great idea….and great photos too!!!

Denise Neufeld

4 07 2007

I would like to subscribe to RSS feed, but I don’t find any, is that possible?

13 07 2007

Good start to the site!

13 07 2007
18 07 2007
Cory Parris

Very cool site!

23 07 2007

Great idea and even better images!!



31 07 2007
briana elledge

http://weblog.dlweddings.com/ – this is the link to our blog,

great idea, love it, questions : 1. do you accept new members, b/c id love to join , 2. how does that work? briana


31 07 2007

Thanks Briana- we will be announcing guidelines for membership soon. It will be for something much bigger than this site. Keep an eye out!

2 08 2007

What a inspiration to a growing photographer, like myself. The site sparks my ideas to be more creative, and create shots more outside of the same box I have been using for awhile now.

16 08 2007
chris Stewart

WOW Marc. Jen was telling me about this and that it would be right up my alley. She was right. So can we submit pictures here just like TTD? I love this. You have so many great ideas man.

17 08 2007

Thanks Chris- you are more than welcome to submit- Sofie from http://www.amorphiaphotography.com is our site admin…just drop her a line.

17 08 2007
kristy b. (aka, wrecklessgirl)

i love this blog! i specialize in creative portraiture (including bridals)- but not so much weddings. i think the portraiture/styled site of wedding photography really intrigues me, which is why i lean more and more toward the portraiture side and less photojournalism. my favorite images from my own wedding were the ones that my photographer, tanja lippert, styled and dynamically arranged- less posed and mathematically organized. they are the ones that intrigue and inspire me. i also like control and movement i can create. i love that you feature artists who continually inspire me and encourage me in this business! thanks for putting together a collective, inclusive, inspiring, intellegent site.

20 08 2007
kimberly smoot photography

lovin’ this! i am a photographer from ILLINOIS that is listed on trashthedress.com and letsgettrashed.com! how do i get listed here too? can’t wait to find out! thanks!

21 08 2007

Just a quick thank you to everyone for their comments, support & feedback on Don’t Box Us In! It’s great to see people enjoying the site as well as it being a learning & inspirational tool.

Please feel free to leave us any suggestions you may have and we’ll look into them and see if & how we can incorporate them into the site.

Thanks again!

8 09 2007
jeffrey Woods

Cool Site enjoyed reading the post. Keep me up today as to more happenings.

11 09 2007
jim davis-hicks

I just found this site via OSP and Stewart’s post.

Wow, very inspiring!

Thank you.

Jim Davis-Hicks

12 09 2007
Christel Laycock

Is it possible to subscribe to this blog so it’ll be sent to me by email like trash the dress?

13 09 2007
jim nicholas

I would like for you to consider adding Montana Pritchard (montanaphoto.com) to your list of “don’t box us in” photographers. As you say in your mission statement, talent transcends category. And Montana is truly a talented photographer who produces creative images regardless of category.

Montana’s philosophy is simple – create beautiful images with emotional depth and to have fun doing so.

23 10 2007
18 11 2007
Amy Taylor

Love the new site! Fantastic work everyone.



20 11 2007

I would love it if the profiles also asked what kind of camera the photographers use…. thanks!

12 12 2007

Love thew new site.. ! A lot of inspiring Photographers…

~ http://www.erwinphotography.com/blog

9 01 2008
Airika Pope

Great site! I am excited about this revolution in wedding photogrpahy! We’d also love to hear more about guidelines for joining.



18 01 2008
Peter Finger

Do you have any details yet on the TTD session you are planning on Thursday during WPPI week in Vegas. Please keep me posted, I’d love to join the group.

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