Mark Ridout – Ontario, Canada

19 11 2007

With almost three decades of experience, Mark Ridout has worked as a photo journalist for major newspapers and magazines, with major advertising agencies on corporate accounts and on special assignment for corporate clients. He maintains a strong passion for wedding photography and has become one of the most sought after photographers in Central Ontario with many of his images having been published in print media. Mark’s work is breath-taking and distinctive and to simply call it eye-catching would be an understatement.

If you want to give yourselves a visual treat, check out some of Mark’s exceptional personal work in his Blurred Vision section on his website.

Mark Ridout’s Website

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

i am always pushing myself to improve. i often spend a few hours a week surfing the net, reading magazines, always looking and admiring other artists work. I want to always be trying something different in regards to lighting, composition, subject

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?

I really can’t say that there is one photographer or person that inspires my work. Each event that I shoot I try different techniques. I return home, load the images and improve on what was taken. If I made a mistake and the image looks good I spend the next few minutes trying to figure out what the hell I did 🙂

Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.

This image was shot late in the day, early evening on a dock at a resort in Cuba 2007. I just love the sky although I wish now that the groom had brought up his hand and given her a little more lov’in! It’s special to me because the bride is my daughter.

How important is post-processing in your final images?

It is important to me as it allows myself even more creativity after capture. All of the images on my current website have had my mojo added in one form or another. The weddings that I deliver will not get the same treatemts other then the ones that I want to highlight.

It’s coming up to 2008, do you have any resolutions for the new year with regards to business? Or personal?

i have never been one to make resolutions business or personal. I did mention a few weeks ago to Chantal that I would cut ice cream from my pleasures to loose a few pounds. Keep in mind that there are more overweight people in Canada than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means I’ve already met my New Year’s resolution 🙂

One thing other photographers should know about you. One thing your client should know about you.

One thing other photographers should know about me is that I like to have fun while shooting. I keep a relaxed demeanour and go with the flow. Nothing fazes me or shocks me that i haven’t seen in the 26 years of shooting weddings.

One thing the client should know about me is “I accept cash”

Having looked at your website, you seem to shoot a lot of your own work rather than just for clients. Do you set yourself projects and if so, do you have any current projects?

My website does show alot of other work. I decided that when i was having this custom site built that I wanted my clients to see that I was well rounded. I just don’t shoot brides but many other subjects that interest me. It gives them a larger view of my work. I don’t really set projects to shoot but am fortunate to shoot weddings around the glode. It’s on those days off after the wedding that I can venture out and shoot whatever interests me in that location. It is a great way for me to unwind from the wedding. My Cuba gallery is an example of this.

Which photographer would you like to shoot with for a day & why?

that’s a toughy……..if I can only pick one then it will have to be Chantal my wife. She has second shot with me numerous times and this past season shot three weddings solo. Why?…..because i want to shoot fewer weddings and have her at the experience level where I can stay home on the weekend sipping Shiraz and smok’in Big Fat Cuban Cigars ……I’m amost there! 🙂




2 responses

21 11 2007
Oleksandr Havrylyuk

Love your work!

25 11 2007
Jan Bardell

I think your work is amazing! I love your website and check it regularly for new shows. I’ve watched most of the shows at least twice (once just for me and the second time when I drag my partner over to try to explain why I’m so in awe of your work!) More often than not, I’ll watch them again trying to work out how you do what you do.

Thanks doing the bizz and for being such an inspiration.


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