Jeremy Lawson – Southwest Missouri

14 11 2007

Definitely creative, definitely unique, definitely talented… that’s Jeremy Lawson in a very small nutshell! He also happens to be an international award winning photojournalist and has quickly become one of the most sought after photographers in the Midwest. His photography is edgy and fun and his work is a superb blend of fashion, art & photojournalism.

Jeremy’s Website
Jeremy’s Blog

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

When I am really in the zone, it feels like music. I can even get a little tingly like pins on my face and hands. That is what makes love what i do but, Being motivated and fresh all the time is sometimes tough. I love what i do, and i want to do something new and exciting for everyone. Its hard mostly because i have a very short attention span, with a location or a style or whatever, My stereotypical male “conquer and move on” attitude doesn’t help either. I tend to get really lucky with my subjects though. My different style tends to attract different creative people and that can make it easy. But when I am stuck I look for inspiration in real life. Even on images that are not true to life at all, like my latest session with Steph and Dan (view my latest blog post). The ideas come from real life feelings or true to life stories. Sometimes a session can be based on a personal story from the couple or from a simple general human emotion. Sometimes I just try to find a word or a phase that represents my subject and build off that, and try to express my feelings visually. I also really appreciate photography in all its forms. I dont like to shoot exclusively in one style or just like one style of photography. Thats why one shoot can be so different from the next. You really have to go out and explore. Discovery can be the greatest source of inspiration.

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?
Jesh de Rox is really great. Jessica Claire. 2006 WPJA photogrpher of the year. Carlo Carletti. Just to name a few. I really appreciate people that can “see outside the box” When something is happening, not just creating. When I am really connected to a client or to a situation its like a high almost, Zen or something. I really appreciate that about some photographers, and I can see it in their work.

What do you say or do to put your clients at ease in front of the camera?

I think people feel nervous because they think I expect something from them that they don’t think they can give me. Like they have to be models or something. I used to try to make them loosed up right away, but then I found that I got a lot of real genuine emotion out of nervous people (mostly nervousness) and they tended to cling to each other more. I also try to not to be a photographer, I am one of there friends and we are all going out to be stupid with the camera. Once they settle down then we can get a little more serious and do some other things.

Plus I also do all my sessions in my underwear.

Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.

My favorite image would have to be this shot from a wedding i did this summer. it has more of a sentimental meaning to me, although i really like the image. When I first started shooting. I had no experience, no mentors, I was pretty much clueless just and doing my own thing. Then one day I ran across this site called the It was an organization dedicated to photojournalism, which was what i seemed to be doing at the time. The work and of people on this site really inspired me. It was my first real look into professionals doing wedding photography. That was several years ago. But I aspired to that hoping that one day I might (in my wildest dreams) be like these people. The organization denied my membership for years until one year they accepted me. Then I started winning top 10 placements in the many of the contests. I was so excited. Just this past contest I received my first 1st place award for a photo in the weather category. This is the image. It makes me feel so honored to have a place next to these other phenomenal photojournalists.

Do you have any personal photography projects?
I have several actually, the one I am starting work on now has a local focus. Its called faces of downtown. Both famous and infamous people that, if you work or live downtown Springfield, you would recognize. Mostly photographic caricatures.

If one of us were getting married, why would we hire you?!

The most important lesson i have ever learned in the business of photography was not to worry so much about making people like me but making people feel liked. I think people feel like I connect with them. The funny part is, we do work for so many different types of people. But most people, no matter who they are, want to feel known and appreciated and beautiful and special . And I do, appreciate them. Not for their business or there money but for who they are and there ideas and there relationship.

As different as you may be from me. I am like you, at least in some ways. (I try to show this more than I actually say it) And even the parts of you that are different I appreciate. And I am excited to work with you. Here are some of my pictures for you to look at… Thats my sales pitch.

If you were planning on having a photo-shoot, who would you want to photograph your portrait & why?
This is tough. The biggest testament to a photographer is capturing complexity, beautifully in a single shot. I am really into Jesh De Rox right now. I think he would have to be the guy.


We usually request about 10 images from the photographers who contribute their work. Jeremy sent us a few more and asked us to decide which ones to included. We didn’t have the heart to miss any out – they’re all so creative we were sure you’d want to see them too!




5 responses

14 11 2007
Chris Stewart

Oh my gosh………these are amazing!!! I love love love the picture attached to the pole, and the picture of the groom with the groomsmen reflection in the window. So Cool!!!!! Great Work!!!

18 11 2007
Dawn Shields

All I can say is I’m proud of you Jer! It is so awesome seeing your work get noticed by other professionals. Well deserved!

23 11 2007
Jason Domingues

J. I can’t believe we live so close and haven’t met yet. Next time your up here in Kansas City…Yell at me!


4 12 2007

Very different images – I like how they have different feels to them – and the way you use yellows.

16 01 2008

Hey Jeremy, Man you are good! I absolutely love your work. You have taken this craft to a whole other level in this town.

I look forward to spending some time at WPPI with you.

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