Center Avenue Imaging – Colorado

8 11 2007

Shannon Kaple of Center Avenue Imaging is the first of our recommended photographers from one of our readers. Some of you may already have heard of Shannon & know her work but it’s always great for us to be introduced to photographers that we’ve not come across before. Although Shannon is a wedding & lifestyle, she’s also won a variety of awards for her documentary work. Shannon’s 12 years of experience & talent shines through in the small handful of images she’s selected to be featured on Don’t Box Us In.

Center Avenue Imaging Website

Center Avenue Imaging Blog

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?
I keep myself motivated by meeting with other photographers on a regular basis to share ideas, photograph together and exchange ideas on marketing, album design, and customer expectations. This gives me an opportunity to glean from others and also share ideas that I’m implementing into my business. This month I’ll be hosting Denver’s Photography Meet Up group that stemmed from the F-stop workshop I took in September. There has been a really positive response in the photography community and I’m encouraged to help create an environment that facilitates this type of synergy and sharing with in the industry.

I also think it’s important to give back to your community, so I volunteer my photography services for non profit organizations that help families through adoption or provide services for families with critically ill kids such as “There with Care” here in Boulder. This helps me to keep my photography fresh because I’m serving others with my time, talent and energy and not just contributing to the success of my own business or self gain.

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?
Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of classic 1930’s movies, such as “Bringing Up Baby” and “The Blue Angel” for inspirational lighting techniques. I’m a real movie buff, which contributes to my understanding of lighting concepts, framing and composition. Movies such as Kurusava’s Dreams, Amelie and I am Sam are great for better understanding these ideas.

In addition, my clients are a huge inspiration to me. In the late 90’s I took two years documenting the idea of family in a small rural western New York town. This experience has carried over into my work as a wedding photojournalist, because I have the opportunity to explore the beginning stages and complexities of family dynamics through the lens of my camera. Each couple is unique in what they bring to a marriage and I’m honored to help capture this love that binds two souls.

Why did you take up wedding photography and what is the best part about being a wedding photographer?
I took up wedding photography full time right after I was married over two years ago. I was inspired by the work of my own wedding photographer, Caroline Koopman and wanted to be able to do for others, what Caroline did for us, which was capture some very emotional, moving images of the happiest day of my life. The best thing about being a wedding photographer is being able to create relationships with my clients, so that when I show up on the day of their wedding I feel like I’m part of their family. I initially began photographing weddings after I finished my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography, but it wasn’t until I was in love and married that my passion for wedding photography really took off.

What advice do you have for other photographers?
I would advise other photographers to become actively involved in continuing their education as a photographer. I attend seminars and conferences regularly and would highly recommend attending WPPI, or seminars offered by amazing talents like Mike Colon’s or Zack Aria’s. If you’re a Colorado resident become part of the PPC or attend the “Imaging Workshop” in May of 08.

One thing photographers should know about you. One thing your client should know about you.
Other Photographers should know that I love to share with others what I have learned, so if your new to the industry and would like to learn more, just drop me a line I would love to have lunch with you or have you shoot with me some time. My clients should know that I’m committed to providing excellent customer service, in addition to providing unique solutions to photography needs while creating romantic, story telling imagery.

Tell us three things important to you in your personal life & three things important to you in business:
Personal Life – 1. Faith 2. Husband 3.Community
Business Life – 1. Growth 2. Integrity 3. Love

Which photographer would you like to shoot with for a day & why?
I would really enjoy photographing with Thomas Roma because his work involves situations where people are caught up in an emotional experience or private moment that makes them very vulnerable and this is clearly displayed in his work. I really love his quote in Sunset Park, which are photographs from his series at public pools. He states, “I’m fond of saying that being a photographer is a way to be in the presence of the things you desire.” Love is something I’ve always desired to share with someone and now that I have, I truly enjoy photographing this desire in others.




One response

28 11 2007
Carol Block

Shannon’s work for our daughter’s wedding was asonishingly beautiful and insightful. It has made an important day indellible. I am grateful to have used her services because now I can enjoy moments which I was too tired to even notice. Friends have told me that they tear up just looking at the photos.
She has art and craft and insight and a wonderful spirit.
Mother of the Bride

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