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25 10 2007

For the past few months we’ve featured photographers that we know or had heard of but we’ve also been given a few referrals which we’ve followed up on. Some of the suggestions we’ve been given have been for photographers who we personally hadn’t come across before but are extremely talented & were well worth featuring. Although there’s a long line of photographers’ names on our list that we’d like to interview, we’d love to hear from you if you know of a photographer that is deserving of a little DBUI spotlight. If you know a photographer that you feel is particularly creative or unique, leave a comment below and let us know who they are and we’ll contact them. And while you’re leaving those comments, let us know what kind of questions you would like to see us asking our new featured photographers!




17 responses

26 10 2007
Sarah Ryder

Tracy Turpen is extremely talented. Her website is

I’d like to know how she gets the color to be vibrant but not overdone like so many photographers today. Also, if she brainstorms ideas at all before a shoot.

26 10 2007

Another suggestion: How about making a DBUI “badge” to put on our site or blog (kinda like WPJA award thingies) so that we can have a cool “attention grabbing” link back to this site!?

26 10 2007

I personally am a huge fan of Center Avenue Imaging. I’m biased, but I still think she’s great.

26 10 2007
Denise Neufeld

I think Mark Ridout should be featured….he is one of my favorite photographers and he does awesome work


26 10 2007

Anne- I’ll e-mail you a “badge”. That’s an idea we’ve been working on. Thanks for the great feedback. 🙂

29 10 2007
Elsa Martinez

I think you should feature Jason Connel. His work is completely amazing. His pictures capture more than just the moment; they capture the feeling of the moment. He definately has my business. Check out his site.

29 10 2007
Elsa Martinez

By the way his website is Sorry about that

31 10 2007
Leen Koper

In my opinion you should feature Henk van Kooten FBIPP MQEP, one of the most talented and leading european photographers. His website is .

1 11 2007

I second Tracy Turpen. That girl’s work is unreal!

5 11 2007

I am interested in doing a “trash the dress” session, I found Brian and
Briana Elledge of Divine Light Wedding Photography to do some amazing work. Their website is Question for you guys, how do you get the lighting to be so precise?

17 11 2007
erich camping

Frank Dimeo is super talented and a great guy!

17 11 2007

Thanks for all the suggestions so far… keep them coming!!

So far we’ve contacted Center Avenue, Tracy, Mark, Brian & Briana and I’ll be emailing Jason & Henk soon.

Erich, we’ve already asked Frank 🙂 I’ll give him a gentle reminder but he’s been pretty busy recently.

29 11 2007
Gisela Prishker

I will need to suggest two people

Rudy Arpia he is not only creative, but loves to help people with his forum www, spanish speaking forum

website |
blog |



Nice people with good work

7 12 2007
Fara Rose

Teri has an amazing eye that shows with her photography. She is definately out of the box. You got to check her out.

10 12 2007

She’s very creative and takes very inspirational photos. I just love her ideas!

22 12 2007

16 01 2008

OK, i’m so late on this it’s fairly pathetic, but i was a little shy about nominating my wife, Katrina Wallace, the founder of Sedona Bride.

Katrina is the perfect example of a young woman that has worked so hard to make an impact in wedding and portrait photography, saying ‘ no’ to a regular office job, opting instead to ‘ starve’ and work hard as an artist. she’s my hero!

i now work full time with her as her second shooter, office manager, etc., but this studio would be nothing without her….

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