Lemon Lime Photography – Kansas City

18 10 2007

So, are you ready to be introduced to Eric & Neal? Yes? Are you quite sure?! Ok, let’s get introducing… Eric & Neal are collaborators, not partners, and make up Lemon Lime Photography … I guess the word “partner” gets a little lost in translation nowadays, right guys?! Whatever you want to refer to them as, Eric & Neal make one hell of a talented photographic team! Their work is striking, with a contemporary feel to it, & their attention to detail is noticeable throughout their sets of session images.



The Lemon Lime Photography site & The Juice Stop will keep you up to date with their work but for now Eric & Neal have given us the amusing opportunity to be privy to a fly-on-the-wall-type interview… If they ever decide to give photography up (which would be a great shame) they could probably both get into stand-up comedy instead!

To begin, we are not partners. We are collaborators. We talk, we debate, we challenge, we aim to innovate both our images and ourselves. This is our conversation.
Eric: 1.How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?
Neal: (pauses) (looks around the coffee shop). I think my primary motivation is fear.
Eric: What? Why?
N: I am not afraid that I will fail. Deep down I know each image we show a client will be our best work, but in my heart I want each image to be a representation of the emotion I felt from that snap of the shutter.
E: I am a little different – but very much the same. Photography for me is about an intuitive search and discovery. I am constantly seeking out new forms, new expressions, and new realizations; often to the extent I feel like a child.
N: You are a child…
E: I know am but so are you..
N: Exactly.
E: Honestly, photography is an art that has a very unique sense of immediacy to it. You see, you react, you shoot – and now, instantly you see your work. This gives the rare opportunity to constantly reevaluate, rethink, and search deeper for something more.
N: You’re right, seeing an image right away allows you to hold some sort of emotional attachment to it. Maybe it’s just being naïve, but I want to be able to feel the emotion of every image. I want someone that didn’t attend the event to be able to see the image and feel the same thing I did as an observer.
E: Okay, next question.
N: 2. What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?
E: I think our ‘’competitive’ collaboration is the greatest inspiration of all. It pushes me to learn and explore beyond what is expected of my style. It gives me the freedom to explore. Most of it is creating a conversation about photography.
N: Yeah, having a teammate throughout the day allows us to push ourselves and strive for a unique image in each situation. Having worked together as often as we have and setting a game plan for each event of the day, I know when I have some creative license. We know each other’s strength and can step up when we know the other needs us to. I think being a team is probably the strongest inspiration.

(both pause a little)

N: That sounds dumb. They’re going to think we’re idiots.
E: We aren’t?
N: True.
N: Maybe they want to know a little about how we started out and what has changed.
E: Yeah, okay, I came into to photography thanks to my father and my personal fascination with creating images. However, I made the choice years ago to become an architect. That choice has in-fact inspired me even more in photography. I was taught how to read people and spaces, understand their needs and then design their surrounding to better their life, their community, and their world. From this the spectacle of living has become my greatest inspiration. The way people move though a space, the way a child looks at their mother, the way a chair is moved slightly away from a table for a quick exit. It is this spectacle that is my greatest inspiration.
N: You know you sound like super uber-nerd.
E: (laughing)I know. So big shot, what inspires you?
N: I guess, I am inspired by everything around me, and I think most photographers are. Having a ‘day job’ with little or no creative liberties (Neal works at a bank in IT), I get my inspiration from all over. Inspiration can come from a song, a flower, an excellent movie, or a special moment with your family. These items are what make you go into a wedding with your unique viewpoint. Being on the other side of the camera and experiencing all those emotions at my wedding was something that really helps me capture each unique story.
E: I might have sounded like a nerd, but at least I don’t sound like a sissy.
N: Probably true.
N: 3. Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.
N: & E: (same time) I haven’t taken it yet.
(Both laughing)
N: Wow, I have to pick one favorite? How? My favorite would be determined by how I feel in the exact moment. If I’m happy, then my selection would be an image that reflects happiness. If I’m in a bad mood, the image could be more dramatic or dark.
E: Yeah, I am sure I have taken it, but I just don’t have a favorite. I think a wedding very soon will be my perfect image. Part of me though hopes it never happens.
N: What? Why?
E: We go into a wedding as a storyteller, right?
N: Yeah, okay….
E: We have some beautiful images, some emotional images – but our complete stories are always stronger then any single image. Our images play and work off each other, each one aiding in the story of the next – adding a bit of understanding and complexity. I have my favorite moments of the year, but not my favorite images.
N: I get cha now. I wish choosing an image was easy, but for me my favorite image is the one I see on the back of the camera as it unfolds. I love knowing I captured something special for my client.
E: Chimper!
N: So, everyone does it. It’s a tool and it’s there, so why not take a quick peak. Next.
E: 4. What’s the best part about being a wedding photographer?
N: Making people cry…
E: Yeah, to be able to touch a total stranger.
N: Ah… isn’t that illegal?
E: NO! I meant, like when we show off a slideshow to a complete stranger they feel what that day was like and they get choked up.
N: Oh, you mean like Emily’s mom?
E: Yeah, exactly.
N: Good, cause the alternative would have been kinda scary and I might have to stop working with you.
E: Funny!
E: There is something amazing about walking into an event that someone has dreamed his or her whole life about. Everything is perfect; the brides dress has been her fantasy since age two. Every detail, every flower, every typeface was obsessed over for weeks. It is perfection. Getting to share in that emotion, that beauty and capture the dreams of our clients is what makes this amazing.
N: I agree, the best part of the job is telling the story. Not just telling the story, but taking myself back to my wedding day. I want to remember those emotions I felt and remember the connection I had with my wife.
E: Again, with the sissy talk.
N: Next!!
E: 5.Which photographer would you like to shoot with for a day & why?
E&N: (Extra long pause..)
E: I will be a bit more standard on this one – I am currently obsessed with the works of Simon Proctor. He has such an ability to capture the emotional beauty of a place while still managing to cover the spectacle and the almost fanciful world his images live in. He takes photography to a new level where images are no long quickly understood or classified, and new worlds only found in the camera are explored. It is almost haunting…..
N: (pauses)
E: So, how about you? Who do you want to shoot with for a day?
N: Does it have to be a photographer?
E: That’s the question, genius.
N: But why does it have to be a photographer? I could easily pick a couple hundred photographers I could learn something from, but selecting just one, would be extremely hard.
E: Then who would it be?
N: I don’t know, Leonardo Da Vinci?

E: You know he’s dead.
N: Sure, why not? He was an innovator, right? I just picked up this camera two years ago. So I am basically self-taught besides a few things here and there. I think shooting with someone that is not a photographer but an innovator would be something more beneficial to me. I do not want to be molded into someone’s view of beauty, I want to learn from someone who’s understanding of beauty is timeless and then translate that into my work.
E: You turned from sissy to corny in an instant.
N: Maybe so, but Don’t Box Me In!!!




3 responses

19 10 2007
Heather Cole

Congrats! You guys are awesome. I hope to meet you one day. 🙂

23 10 2007
Chris Stewart

You guys shot amazing images. I love all of these. Congrats to being featured!!!!

24 10 2007

I’m so glad you were featured here! I’m sending a referral your way right now!

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