Fred Egan – Dallas/Fort Worth

11 10 2007

Fred Egan is one of those people who isn’t scared to break rules & cross boundaries to grow as a photographer. I’ve watched Fred’s work progress ever since I “found” him online and he undoubtedly keeps going from strength to strength whilst maintaining a consistently modern and edgy style to his photography. Fred’s images ooze with energy and a feel of happiness and love of life. He has a definite uniqueness to his work and his strong rapport & interaction with his clients is wholly obvious in his vibrant images.

To see one of the most “killer” photography websites take a look at Fred’s site & visit his blog to view some of his recent work.

How do you keep myself motivated and my photography fresh?

I keep myself motivated by doing what I enjoy the most…and right now that is photography. Looking at it, experiencing it, studying it. Also, trying to stay balanced in my life with my other loves…my 2 boys, music, sports and my spiritual life. Keeping my photography fresh is a tougher challenge. I often ask myself what my end vision for my work/style is on a weekly basis and am evaluating whether or not my work is falling into that vision. In the end, I want to create a book of work that is consistently “me” but yet evolved. Continuously tweaking that end vision and adjusting my photographic eye is the key to keeping my work fresh. I’m learning more and more that the photography I want to be doing begins with an idea, the idea is where the meat is…and the execution is just follow through.

What (or who) has inspired your work and continues to inspire your work?

I first fell in love with photography in my teenage years when I would pour over Abercombie & Fitch’s Quarterly magazine that featured Bruce Weber’s brilliant black & whites and eventually, color work. There was life on those pages, kids having fun, laughing, relaxing, romance…it all felt like a natural experience. My love for that “experience” has not faded and you can see glimpses of that in my work today. If you were to walk into my bathroom today you could pull J.CREW, Anthropologie and Vogue out of the rack.

Recently, my good friend Nick Onken (a commercial lifestyle photographer) has inspired me to return to the look and feel of film in my work. I had longed to return to the romance and feel of film and he pushed me over the edge. Now I rarely use Photoshop or actions save for a vignette or slight contrast bump. I absolutely love it and it feels like home to me. I’ve fallen in love with photography all over again.

How important is the post processing stage in your final images?

I touched on this in the previous question but I’ll reiterate here. The post processing stage (I’m assuming we are not talking about editing but retouching) is fairly simple for me now. Previously it involved sets of actions and layers, etc but now I do most of what I want in the camera. I make exposure adjustments in Apple’s software, Aperture, and then send final selects through Photoshop for a slight contrast bump…that’s it. And I only sharpen a tiny little bit so I can retain that film look. There is this honesty with the audience that I really enjoy…just letting them know I’m not introducing any slight of hand.

Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.

This is one of my favorite images I’ve created this year. It’s from an engagement I shot at El Matador in Malibu with a couple getting married later this year. This image is special to me for several reasons. First, this entire shoot marked a huge turning point for me in the development of my life-stylistic photographic eye. It’s a landmark shoot for me in 2007. A madly in love cute couple, breath taking locations and fresh new ideas came together perfectly that day. Second, this image breaks several “rules” of traditional portraiture…I obliterated a subject’s head, the bride’s nonetheless…I forced the focus on the groom when traditionally the opposite is desired…the sun-flare is so prominent that it almost serves as a 3rd subject. All those things make it endearing, I just keep staring at it because of the rules that were broken. My mind keeps going back to it and asking, “What is wrong with this? Why do I enjoy that fact that she doesn’t have a head?” I like it.

If you were planning on having your portrait taken, who would you have to shoot it and why?

This one is easy since I already hired Nick Onken earlier this summer to do just that. I chose Nick because I felt he could really deliver my fun personality to viewers through his eye. We had a total blast doing it and I’ve never worked so hard in a photoshoot before. It was totally worth it and you should be able to see them as soon as my new website and blog launch early next year.

The rest of the story from the Malibu session:




12 responses

11 10 2007
Dustin Steller

Fred Egan simply ROCKS. I was privileged to have him let me room with him at the Seattle Antiworkshop earlier this year. The guy is inspiring. His genuine love for life, his family and for others just oozes from him…This is as evident in his photography as it is in real life.

I encourage you to meet and get to know the real Fred Egan. He is a positive and sharing influence with mad camera skills and an energy that is boundless and hard to match.

“Fred Egan is for lovers.” 😉

12 10 2007
Cory Parris

Nice article. Fred is a great photographer. Nice to see him featured here! Where are the t-shirt pics?

12 10 2007
Kate Mefford

Yea, Fred! Proud of you!

12 10 2007

wait…I can’t let him get all this love without a gripe or two thrown in. Come on! The guy is REAL.

As in totally has brain farts sometimes, and forgets about meeting with his dear friend from West Texas.

Awww…. Next time, Fred.


Congrats on the article! Love the work and the fact that it’s YOURS. Ü

12 10 2007

I {heart} Fred Egan. To the Nth degree.
Great write-up!

12 10 2007

Great article! Fred definitely rocks hardcore 🙂

13 10 2007
Nick Onken

You go!

13 10 2007
scott neumyer

Great stuff. Egan’s the man.

13 10 2007
Jory Cordy

Fred is always moving forward, and I like that.

14 10 2007
millie holloman

go fred! nice interview! you are the man.

15 10 2007
Sara France

Great interview! Great person! Great Photographer!

16 10 2007

good son.
good man.
good father.
good photographer.
good Fred.

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