Chris Stewart – California

10 09 2007

Chris Stewart may be relatively new to photography but his work & ideas are already proving to be strong & fresh. One of the first things you’ll notice about Chris is his passion for photography and this reflects keenly in his images. Talk to him for a few minutes and you’ll soon find his dedication to the industry & cheerful nature start to rub off on you! Chris has an eagerness to get to know his clients and capture their personalities and who they are, as is well depicted in his creative images.

Chris Stewart

Chris & his wife Jen make up a very friendly and dynamic husband and wife team and you can view more of their work on their website & blog.

Chris, all the best to you & your lovely wife for the birth of your baby girl in a few weeks time!

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

Well there are a few ways I try to keep thinking about new ideas and new ways to challenge myself and keep my photography fresh. I am always thinking of new ideas wherever I am. Whether it is in my car, or at my job, I am always thinking and trying to stretch the limits. I will sometimes get ideas from listening to music. I will have my MP3 player on as I am working and be listening to some fast aggressive music, and ideas start flowing into my head. I can’t explain it, but aggressive music gets me motivated to do some off the wall pictures that are full of emotion and you get a feel for the subject in the picture. My newest idea I am thinking up is to have my buddy Daniel to volunteer for a shoot with him punching through a windshield or through a piece a glass. I know it sounds crazy but that is exactly what this guy is all about. And that’s the way I want to capture each individual I get a chance to shoot. I already used him in a shoot where he is on fire, and that idea came to me after meeting John Michael Cooper, and seeing his flaming bride picture. I had asked him if I could use his Idea for a shot I was thinking about and he had given me the ok for it and here is the outcome of that.

Chris Stewart
What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?

Well it’s going to sound funny but first person that I think of is my wife Jen. From when we started our business, she has always been an inspiration to me and she is infact the reason I love photography today. She was always blowing me away with her children’s photography and the way she would capture each kid individually just was such a changing experience. It was so moving to me, that I started to take pictures of my own with her back-up camera, and now I can’t see myself doing nothing more then photography. Other influences that come to mind are Jefferson Todd, Scarlett Lillian, Sofie louca, Jesh de Rox, John Michael Cooper, Zack”The one light master” Arias are the few that I get so inspired from. It is always so exciting to see new work they post. JMC has such an awesome style that no one can touch which I like a lot. Anything that is not the “NORM” of photography is right up my alley. Plus the flaming bride picture is priceless. Like I said a challenge is always something I like to try, and Jesh, his pictures just speak to you. With his textures and the angles he shoots and just everything about his style is just amazing. Zack is the man. I just love his Band Photography so much and his One light concept is so cool. I still to this day haven’t had the time to attend one of his workshops but I am hoping soon I will be able to. Jefferson Todd, man this guy was so amazing to shoot with back in June at a wedding in Downtown Sacramento. His approach to shooting and his style is so fast paced and fun. I learned so much from him. Yes, I did say Sofie is a Big influence on my work. Her style is so hip and catchy, and her cross processing is out of this world to me. Same with Scarlett. Her shots are so fun and seem to be full of energy.

What was it that first drew you to take up photography?

Well besides my wife, I have always loved photos that have a grunge,dark feel to them. I have always been intrigued with those types of photos and wondered if I could one day be able to do work like that with my own style to bring to the table. I love challenges and ideas that stretch the boundaries of traditional/trendy photography. As our business started with Jen shooting and me doing most of the Editing/computer stuff, I was blown away by Jen’s work and her angles, and way that she would use natural light, I got very curious on what its like behind the camera and try to capture those special moments and emotions, so when the business got busier, and we had upgraded Jen to a newer camera, I was able to have my own camera and began on my journey to see if I could in fact capture my own style and bring that to our business today, and it has been awesome to have 2 totally different styles of photography. There is a balance between our styles that feels so right. I have only been shooting since February of 2007 so I feel like I am doing pretty good and always trying to better myself by asking questions, and taking in as much information I can. I attended OSP West last year with Jen and we learned so much there. From all the awesome classes from Jefferson Todd’s class on streamlining your emails and business, to Robin from Bellissima Design Solutions. Talking about wedding album design and the importance to have confidence in your business.
Tell us one thing your client should know about you.

Well the first thing the client should know about me is that I am a fun person and I want to get to know you. I want to be your friend and just have a great time with your experience. I want to be able to make you feel comfortable and capture who you are. I love to get to know my clients and talk with them about who they are over coffee. This is the best time to get to know your client in my opinion. You build a friendship with them, and it helps them get comfortable with you so when that day of shooting their day, they already feel comfortable with you and they end up having fun and feel relaxed. Jefferson Todd and Colin Michael mentioned this to me about how important this is with getting to know your client and it is so true.

If you were planning on having a photo-shoot, who would you want to photograph your portrait & why?

Man this is hard. I couldn’t narrow it down to one but to 3. I would want John Michael Cooper or Zack Arias, or Jesh de Rox I love their work because they use a lot of dark shadows in their shots. Plus JMC has that Grungy look and feel to his pictures that I would be so excited to have him shoot me. If I was looking for night shots, Zack would be the man. He would come up with some amazing ideas and location to shoot at. Jesh would come up with some great landscape shots and plus his textures just make the pictures that much better!!

Chris Stewart


Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart




6 responses

10 09 2007

chris stewart is an amazing photographer and person.

when he talks about making his clients feel comfortable, he is speaking the truth… i have done two shoots with chris and his wife jen, and both times, have had a blast “hanging out” with them! they truly make you feel like you are taking silly pictures with friends– and then you see the results. amazing.

i couldn’t give chris stewart a higher recommendation. he and his wife have been a part of some of the best times in our life!

ali (and danny) white

10 09 2007
Jason Domingues

Chris, I really love your work man. The band shots are amazing…I kinda dabble in that field too! It is great to see you here…you have an awesome gift in this field. I hope we get to meet one day?


P.S. Welcome to the DBUI family!

10 09 2007
Chris Stewart

Thanks Jason I appreciate it very much!!

11 09 2007
Kate Mefford

Yea, Chris!!! So excited for you!

11 09 2007

I know you know already but I have to tell you again … I love that fourth shot!Your band work is especially great & I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future!

Still can’t get over the mention in your interview… thank you!

11 09 2007
mark eric

Great interview Chris-
I love how you are head over heels for your wife. Jenn is a lucky lady- and I know you are a lucky man to have her as a partner and friend. Keep pushing the boundries you two.


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