Skye Hardwick – Pennsylvania

21 08 2007

Skye Hardwick is Western Pennsylvania’s premier child photographer. She exclusively offers artistic portraiture of childhood that is undeniably beautiful & emotive. Her images are distinctive and bold both in her vibrant colors & dynamic compositions but especially in the depth of emotions she portrays.

Skye Hardwick

This week, Skye has lauched an exciting new website which more strongly reflects her style as an artist. View the new site and more of Skye’s impressive childrens’ portraits at Work of Heart Photography and keep up-to-date with Skye at her Blogography.

We are featuring some especially stunning work from Skye today & just by coincidence it also happens to be her birthday! Happy birthday Skye!

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

One of the ways I keep myself motivated is keeping a Creative Journal. I found a snazzy scrapbook that suits my vintage/Anthropologie-like style and in it I put various images that inspire me for one reason or another. Whenever I am feeling a bit low, I skim through this book and find fresh ideas. I’ve attached an image of my journal. Also, I view a slideshow I created over two years ago about “Who I Am” as an artist. This keeps me grounded.

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?

My main inspiration in my work is Light. I have found what so many photographers already know to be true: there is a beautiful, and inspiring, language to light; it beckons us to understand the story it wishes to tell. Even the harsh light us photographers often shy away from, there is something to learn.

My ever evolving goal as a photographer is to not only understand the language of light, but to speak fluently in it. I struggle from time to time expressing myself photographically in the light around me, however there are those glorious moments where the light and I come together in unison. Those times in which the light falls on my subject’s body like a second skin, highlighting every playful curve; with the shadows echoing softly the mood I wish to evoke.

In those moments, I know that my openness to the inspiration around me was and is always worth the wait.

Your subjects are obviously a lot smaller than the ones we’ve already featured on Don’t Box Us In! What do you say or do to put children at ease in front of the camera and how do you get the more “difficult” ones to cooperate?!

Honestly, kids love to be respected. I treat each child as beautiful, special and very interesting. I go there in the hopes of learning something about them. I get on their level, eye to eye, to be non-threatening and to show respect for their size/age. I draw something out of them; when people compliment me on how my images possess so much emotion, it is because I gently draw something out of my subjects, that they are willing to give. I don’t exploit or use them in order to get something good and make a sale. Each smile, each pensive stare, is a gift. I truly treasure it.

What was it that first drew you to take up photography and then specialize in children’s photography?

What first drew me to photography was the aspect of capturing emotions; a moment. I have always been fascinated by this and it continues to amaze me the deeper into the love and art of photography I delve into. As for how I found myself into children’s portraiture; I believe we all have things we are born to do and when we get on the right path, we find ourselves where we are suppose to be if we are open to them. Being a mother myself, it wasn’t that hard of a stretch being a children’s photographer; it’s what I love, it’s an honor.

Which photographer would you like to shoot with for a day & why?

Nicole Van; she’s amazing in all aspects of her art, vision, creativity, post processing – that’s why I hired her to photograph my wedding!

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick

Skye Hardwick




5 responses

21 08 2007


21 08 2007

Happy Birthday Skye! Love your work. I would drive to Pennsylvania from Louisiana to have you photograph my daughter 🙂

22 08 2007
Chris Stewart

Such beautiful work Skye!!!

22 08 2007
David Akesson

My goodness. Skye I have just added your blog to my regular viewing – fabulous work. Love it. Inspirational.
Love the avatar photo too.

25 08 2007
Kate C.

Beautiful works of art!

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