Jeff Newsom – California

14 08 2007

There must be something in the air in sunny California as we’re highlighting our fourth photographer from this area!

I’m very pleased to be featuring one of my personal favorite photographers (don’t let it go to your head too much Jeff! 😉 ) – Jeff Newsom. Take a look at Jeff’s work and you’ll see it’s nothing but “awesome” in all respects. His photography is contemporary & quirky and refreshingly clever & witty. His modern approach and his passion for photographing people reflects strongly in his work in the way he captures not just images but the personalities of his subjects. Jeff thinks outside the box & definitely shoots outside of the box both at weddings and in his personal work with portraiture.

Jeff Newsom

Make certain you put Jeff’s blog in your bookmarks & check out his amazing new website, which incidentally he designed & created himself.

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

Well first off, let me start by saying that I am really bad at
answering questions like these. So, don’t expect to have your mind
blown while reading these words, unless, of course, that statement
totally blew your mind. Onto the question, I am constantly motivated
because I loooooooove shooting people. Also, I love weddings, I
believe in marriage, and I like to get down.

As for keeping it fresh, there are 1,000,000,000 ways to photograph a
wedding. I just focus on capturing ‘who’ and not so much ‘ what’ and
it always turns out new.

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?

I am 100% inspired by awesome people. I know, I know, that is such a
general answer, but its true! I’m in love with those I get to work
with. Everyone is so unique and wonderful! I don’t preplan anything
I do. I just let the character of those around me guide my decisions.

Oh yeah, everyone I know makes fun of me for saying ‘awesome’ all the
time. It’s awesome.

What do you say or do to put your clients at ease in front of the camera?

I really try to build a relationship with my clients before they get
in front of the camera. It is super important to me that I show up to
the wedding as a friend, and not so much as the ‘hired help’. I truly
get excited when I’m doing what I love with awesome people at awesome
events. I think my clients and I feed off each other’s excitement.

Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell
us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.

This question is really hard for me! I can’t even decide what to eat
on a daily basis. All of my photos are like my babies; I’m involved
with them from the actuation of the shutter all the way to watching
them go through the printing process (I live across the street from
proDPI. Convenient eh?). However, there is one image that I really,
really, really, love. I think I bonded to it so much because no one
else seems to get it. I shot Thomas & Kristin’s wedding in May and
they had apples everywhere! It was such an awesome way to decorate.
I was struck with inspiration to grab Thomas and recreate René
Magritte’s “Son of Man”. I think the result was…… (waaaaiiiiiit for
it)…… Awesome!

Jeff Newsom

If you were planning on having a photo-shoot, who would you want to
photograph your portrait & why?

You know, I think I might actually know a couple of photographers! I have
about one billion ridiculously talented photographer friends. I would
definitely want the photographer to know me well. I’m aware that this
answer will totally qualify me as a creep, but I can’t help it. I
would want my baby, bengal kitty, Maya, to photograph my portrait.
Why? Well, she sits within a 4 foot radius of me at all times and
just stares at my face. I kind of want to see what she’s seeing.
Plus, I think it just might be the coolest thing ever to build a rig
to attach a camera to her head. I might just have to make a project
out of it!

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom




6 responses

14 08 2007

AWESOME!! – loved all your interview answers and your cat too!

15 08 2007

Jeff, I love the first shot (the mirrors). It’s so usual to see the bride getting ready with a reflection in the mirror but I’ve never seen a mirror shot like this. I love that they’re both headless too so you concentrate on the details of their outfits. Awesome work! Thanks so much for the contribution to the site!

15 08 2007
tempting weddings

nice shots jeff… I hope you continue to do well this year. We love your stuff!

good website redesign too. I like the newer style better.


16 08 2007
chris Stewart

Oh man these are great shots. Awesome work.

23 08 2007
matt adcock

these are some pretty sexy images.

they say: RISK.

i like taking risks

21 03 2008

Jeff Newson is my wedding photographer hero 😀 He inspired a lot of my style.

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