Jesh de Rox – Alberta, Canada

10 08 2007

For most of you no introductions are necessary for the award-winning photographer we’re featuring today.

Jesh de Rox’s fine art images are unmistakeably recognizable and express more than most would have thought could be possible in photographs. He takes the time to understand his clients and how they relate with each other but also clearly visible is the desire he has to express these connections and ardently preserve these intimate moments in his images. Jesh’s highly emotive art abounds with strength, connection, beauty and yet remains refreshingly simple & uncomplicated.


Jesh’s website is a masterpiece in itself and most definitely worth a visit and if you would like to keep up-to-date with his recent work, be sure to bookmark his journal.

We appreciate & thank Jesh for sharing some of his images & the thought-process that go hand in hand with them.

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

a lot of photographers have their regular work, and then their personal work,,, this *is* my personal work. i am blessed to be doing exactly what i want to do. i take a very limited amount of clients each year and am fortunate to be able to work exclusively with couples with whom i share an amazing connection.

we are our best when we are ourselves, and it is this deeply sincere part of people that i am fascinated with experiencing and expressing in my work. at their core, no two people are the same, and since my work is based upon that unique truth, the work is naturally a continuous exploration.

through my journeys i have come to believe that there is a deeply powerful, preexistent connection between everyone, which simply lies underneath the surface most of the time. when we say we are in love with someone, it is that we have chosen to trust that part of ourselves to them, removing, layer by layer, the many walls which separate the connections between us.

this connection mystifies and fascinates me, and it is my life’s work to dis-cover as much as i can about it, and share what i have learned through my work.

i have found that growth happens when there is a balance between giving and receiving. in addition to my own explorations, i am always hungry to be enriched by other perspectives, and spend much of my time listening to and studying with people whose work deeply touches me.

i believe that to express love, one must be intimately acquainted with the stuff. i spend as much of my life as possible in this endeavor.

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?

in a word, love. it takes so many forms, and i find the more i grow, the more i see its face wherever i look. perhaps in small ways, it begins to make a home in my eyes.

when i was younger i felt i was drawn to many of the different artforms and was touched deeply by the work of many poets, painters, musicians, philosophers & photographers. but i have come to realize that it was never so much the form that attracted me but the way the artist invested so much of themselves into the work that really drew me.

humans so enjoy classifying and categorizing what they do, but in truth, all are just pieces of a larger whole. life is the true artform.

i work with people in love because they have made for themselves an excuse to remove the walls, and embrace the connections between them and the ones they love. similarly, true artists have this same lack of pretense in their work.

it is that connection which inspires and speaks to me so strongly, and i savor it wherever it is, in whatever form it may be.

How important is the post-processing stage in your final images?

with digital photography, i believe that the post work is a requirement, and needs to be treated with respect, not just as an afterthought. for me, the difference between film & digital is similar to the difference between wood and plastic. there is something about film that makes it more conducive to capturing life.

i know my post work is finished when the image *feels* right, and often i have to spend time with the digital files unearthing the connection and life that is there underneath the surface of 1’s and 0’s ; )

that said, it is something that must be used with taste. it is easy to overdo the post processing and have it work against your image instead of for it.

the purpose for post processing of *any* kind, should always be to enhance the message you want to communicate. if you post process just for the sake of post processing, you will end up clouding your image by sending too many distracting signals.

fine communication is often a matter of simplification. your post work should make your image simpler, clearer, stronger.

Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.

ahhh! there are sooo many, lol ; ) i have a lot of fun with my clients and i can’t compare them because they are each so different,,,

this one however is one of the most special ones to me. this couple both came from a very traditional background, and this shoot on the day of their wedding was the first time they’d ever been alone together.

Jesh de Rox

this was taken immediately after a portrait where the groom had his hand on the bride’s cheek. although i didn’t know it at the time, it was the first time he had touched her face, and as soon as he brought his hand down, she put hers up to where he had touched her.

her reaction was so innocent and beautiful, that it stopped the world for me, and things in that alley started looking a bit misty ; )

we have such a wealth in each other,,, if all i ever accomplish is simply to remind people of that, i will consider it a life well lived.

If you were planning on having a photo-shoot, who would you want to photograph your portrait & why?

Rumi. i know he has already passed on, (long before the camera was invented, lol) but if i could have one person, i imagine i’d have him. he has an amazing gift of expression and a deep peace in his work that very much resonates with me.

that ability to be true to self is the root of every great work of art, and far outweighs technical prowess.

Jesh De Rox

Jesh De Rox

Jesh De Rox

Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox




10 responses

10 08 2007
Jason Domingues


The fact that you are doing it your way and not giving in to the rules says alot about you. I hope someday we get a chance to meet. Not only are you an amazing photographer but I heard a clip of you singing…is there an album in the works?


10 08 2007

Jesh, you’re awesome.

10 08 2007

Truly his work is beautiful and the intimacy he desires with his clients genuine. Thank you so much for bringing his work to my eye. I just knew after reading the first couple of paragraphs that he was a Rumi fan too!

15 08 2007
jesh de rox

Jason – thanks bro ; ) re: the music,,, maybe someday,,,

Jeff – right back at ya’ ; )

Katie – Rumi – an incredible soul,,,

much love all,,,

jesh ; )

15 08 2007

Jesh, I believe it says a lot about the kind of person you are when you take the time to reply to people personally – be it here or in a forum 🙂 Thanks again for your outstanding contribution both here & to our photographic field.

19 08 2007
Chris Stewart

Once again Jesh, your work trully flys off the screen at me and just is so good. Great work.

19 08 2007

I’ve seen your work over and over. I think it’s amazing and just overall unique!

19 08 2007

You know I love your work…glad to find you here!

27 08 2007
jesh de rox

Sofie: i’m honored to be invited : ) thanks again friend! maybe we’ll get to meet in person one day,,,

Chris: thanks Chris!

Ruby: thank you for sharing : )

Marie: i appreciate you commenting, and i’m glad to share : )

much love,,,

jesh ; )

7 09 2007
Heather Cole

Jesh – your work is amazing and I’m so happy you put that picture up. It’s my favorite picture of ALL TIME. You are such an amazing photographer and wonderful person. I’m blessed to know you. Congrats!

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