Your Story

4 08 2007

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the great privilege of featuring some very creative photographers, all of which have an eagerness to produce images that are both unique & artistic. Our aim is to inspire photographers and promote creativity but just as importantly we also want to educate clients.

As photographers we want the opportunity to tell your unique story through your images. We don’t want to photograph the same staged & scripted story week in, week out and we want you to assist as well as even challenge us. The best way of doing this is to understand how your photographer works and how important your role is in giving your photographer the creative freedom required to achieve images that you will cherish forever.

You have hired your photographer because you’ve seen their work and have developed a degree of trust in them. Show them you trust them by not restricting them with lists or do’s & dont’s. On the other hand, we have asked you to challenge us so we would love to hear your ideas for unusual & artistic concepts you might have and with our photographic experience & expertise we can develop them in suitable way that we feel will work best.

Ask most photographers and they will tell you just how wonderful their jobs are and this quite obviously shows in their work. Don’t supress their passion & creativity but instead give them the opportunity to bring out the real you in the images they capture and thereby produce something personal and unique to you.

To learn more about how you can assist your photographer, Melissa Jill has written a useful & informative article on her blog called Kill The Shot List which also includes a link to her personal Tips For Getting Your Best Wedding Images.




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