Anne Ruthmann – Indiana

1 08 2007

Anne Ruthmann is a Lifestyle Portrait and Wedding Photographer specializing in emotional and artistic photojournalism, based in Terre Haute, Indiana. Somehow between shooting portraits & weddings & a her personal life, she also finds the time to run a very informative blog, called Photo Lovecat, for photographers & small business owners which I’m certain many of us have found very useful. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for putting together so much great information in one place.

Anne Ruthmann Anne Ruthmann

We’re thrilled to have Anne’s contribution on our site & if you would like to see more of her work please visit her website or, to see her recent photo-shoots, go to her blog.

 1. How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

One of my favorite quotes is “The true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” by Marcel Proust. To keep myself motivated, I’m always finding new ways to look at old things. If you put 10 people in a room with the same subject, each person will photograph that subject differently – therefore, all I need to do is force myself to look at the same thing in many different ways. We are so lucky in that we have an arsenal of tools at our disposal that go beyond what our eyes perceive – from lighting to focal length, from depth of field to selective focus, from composition to perspective, and from exposure to post-production- it’s entirely possible to photograph the same subject in hundreds of different ways. As a general rule, I get the shot I’m naturally drawn to, and then I challenge myself to see it differently.

2. What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?

Movies, magazines, art, music, and everyday life inspire me.  When I see something in everyday life that evokes strong emotions for me, I stop to absorb it and figure out exactly how and why it had such an impact on me. When it comes to movies, it may only be a split second of a frame that I want to hold onto, so I close my eyes for a few seconds to burn that one frame in my mind and store it for later inspiration. When it comes to magazines, the more fashion ads, the better! There are a lot of great posing and lighting ideas in fashion mags- as well as post-production inspiration. Art and music inspire me to imagine and dream. Often times the most inspirational ideas stem from completely abstract thoughts, which is why it’s important for me to make time to let my mind wander into deep imagination.

3. What was it that first drew you to take up photography?

As a hobby? To create art out of everyday life, and preserve people and moments that are precious to me. As a profession? The desire to help others and make them happy.

4. How important is post-processing in your final images?

Post-production is like icing on the cupcake. You can make a really phenomenal cupcake, but if it doesn’t have any icing, it looks unfinished, like you didn’t put enough thought into its presentation. On the other hand, you also can’t get away with burning your cupcakes and trying to cover them up with a ton of fancy icing- just as photoshop doesn’t help much if the image isn’t great to begin with. My images tend to be 90% cupcake, 10% icing so that the first thing people notice is the actual moment or person in the photo- not the post-production. As a general rule, I tend to be more experimental with my portrait images and more timeless with my wedding images.

5. Show us a photograph by another photographer that you would have liked to have taken & tell us why!

Image is Found

Just one?!?? I guess this one by the Image Is Found comes to mind most readily. Such a great use of focal length to bring the distance between subjects closer together, deep depth of field with just enough focus, dramatic off camera lighting, inventive posing, interesting composition and intense post processing. It brings so many elements of what makes photography amazing into one perfect work of art. I think my jaw broke when it hit the floor after seeing this entire series of images for the first time. LOVE IT!Being creative during candid moments is a bit more challenging than being creative in portraits when I can manipulate my subjects and the scene, so here are some images in which I challenged myself to see beyond the expected in the situations we regularly encounter during a wedding day… (I apologize for the variety of logos – I underwent a few changes in the last year!) 

Anne Ruthmann Anne Ruthmann

Anne Ruthmann Anne RuthmannAnne RuthmannAnne Ruthmann

Anne Ruthmann

Anne Ruthmann

Anne Ruthmann

Anne Ruthmann




8 responses

1 08 2007
  Anne Ruthmann - Indiana by

[…] inspiration. Art and music inspire me to imagine and dream. … article continues at amorphia brought to you by FASHION and […]

1 08 2007

Anne’s work is unparalleled and we were so honored to have her photograph us last year. She is truly a friend as well as an amazing professional and small business person. Such an inspiration!

Oh, and thank you for displaying two pictures from our wedding (the cat and the TV reflection). 🙂

1 08 2007

I love this woman, Anne, who I’ve never met. She’s so wonderful to follow. I’m constantly amazed at the phenomanal job she does at sharing her talent and information with us all.

1 08 2007
Agnes Lopez

I have always admired Anne’s work, and her ability to tell a story through a picture. Great pick as a featured photographer.

2 08 2007

Great pictures…Thanks for introducing her, Great choice.

2 08 2007

love it. well done anne.

2 08 2007
saundra hadley

Anne – beautiful work!!! And I’m just an hour from you!

Thanks Mark for telling me about this website! I’ll send my clients to it.

17 09 2007
Don’t Box Me In! at Inspiration

[…] very honored that they asked to interview me and feature my work among such talented photographers! CLICK HERE to see the article and keep an eye out for more amazing photographers in the […]

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