Kimberley Reed – Pittsburgh

24 07 2007

I’ve just been reading Kimberley Reed‘s “about” section on her website & I’d like to thank her for the reminder that we have such amazing jobs. Kimberley finishes up with, “You’d laugh too if you were me. I can’t believe I get to do this for a living”. All too often, we forget how fortunate we are to call something we enjoy doing work and it really doesn’t hurt to be reminded! To see more from Kimberley please visit her website and blog.

Kimberley Reed

We received the following submission from Kimberley & thank her for sharing her great work & postive approach.

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?

I take breaks! Sometimes I just need to step away from the computer, pour a glass of wine, and read trashy celebrity gossip online. Or I’ll take an extended weekend, or some time off in the middle of the week to relax and hang out with friends and family. For weddings, I only accept a limited number a year. I use this boutique approach, so by the time the wedding comes around, I feel like I’m photographing a friends wedding. I’m a pretty emotional person, and I’m genuinely interested in people’s stories. I love getting to know my clients. I also try to space my shoots out so I can approach each one in a unique way. I found when I shoot too much, my creativity suffers, so I go for quality rather than quantity. That sometimes means turning down work because I know I’d be pushing my limits.

Also, I take time out to shoot for myself. I feel like this is so important! Everyone that is using photography as the way to put food on their table should be taking time out to shoot for themselves- for their own personal interests. I have an ongoing interest in abandoned spaces, and some friends and I get together regularly to go exploring. I’m fascinated by the things that get left behind when people and businesses move along. It provides such a compelling snapshot into that little piece of someone’s life. I want to document these scenes before they’re lost or destroyed. I love the thrill of exploring places that people haven’t been in years. I’ll often end up a little ahead or behind the rest of the group. I love it when I’m completely alone and it’s just the sound of my breath and the click of my shutter that’s breaking the stillness around me.

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?
I’m influenced by everyday life. Everyone sees things differently, and I love being able to capture moments, to be able to share with people the way that I experience the world. I think a lot of it comes down to being a good observer. Sometimes you don’t have long to capture a shot that reflects the essence of the scene, so I’m constantly looking at things with a photographer’s eye; what’s going to make a good image or give insight into the greater picture. It can be challenging to find the beauty in the mundane, but once you are able to find it in unexpected places, you find it everywhere you look.

I’m also a pretty avid blog-stalker. There are some pretty amazing photographers in this industry. I love f8 studio for their stellar story-telling abilities, jesh de rox for the way he sees people, hmmm…let’s see who else is on my blog roll…
angela anderson
anne ruthmann
the weibners
the image is found
the boutwells
the nudds
plus, like, a gazillion more. 🙂

Show us a photograph by another photographer that you would have liked to have taken & tell us why!

Jesh de Rox just did a portrait session with Jessica Claire – the images are astounding. I would be delighted to have taken any one of them. I feel like his photos capture a delicate intimacy about people, like he captures a glimpse of their true selves. Plus, I seriously lust after his post-processing skills.

What was it that first drew you to take up photography?
I’ve always used the arts as a form of expression. Growing up, it was mostly drawing, painting, writing poetry. I didn’t pick up a camera with any serious intentions until my senior year of high school. My dad is a pretty advanced photography hobbyist, so I borrowed one of his cameras and started teaching myself. I love every aspect of it; from the way the camera feels in my hands, to taking the picture itself, to spending time in front of the computer during the editing process. It’s such a great way to express myself. I love that the photographic medium is one of the forms of art that crosses all language barriers. It’s direct, but still leaves interpretation up to the individual viewing it. I just want to stir emotion in people. To make them stop and think, if only for a moment, before they continue in the course of their day. My passion is to provide photography for non-profit and charity organizations that are working to inspire social changes. I want to give a voice to people whose stories wouldn’t otherwise be told.

How important is post-processing in your images?
Ohhh…SOOO important! Good post processing can make a good image great, and a great image breath-taking. Having a good grasp of post-processing is so important to getting the most out of your images. It’s no substitute for knowing how to get a good photo out of the camera (you still need to know about exposure, lighting, and the like). Digital photos straight from the camera are too flat for my tastes- I sharpen, boost saturation, dodge and burn, add vignetting, and add gobs of contrast to my black and whites. I’m a huge fan of texture, so I’m digging the texture overlays that some photographers are doing. I need to experiment a little more with that.

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed




3 responses

24 07 2007
ColNed Pictures

Cool shots, I’m not in wedding photography at all and I deed see a lot of different shots but I have to say the ones here are on the top of the list, great work

25 07 2007

Kimberly – your images are fabulous! I’m so honored to be on your watch list!!! Mark- thank you for creating this blog as a way to explore other interesting photographers and their work – another one to add to my blogroll!!

30 07 2007

I am a huge fan of yo ur work! I think these images are the proof in the pudding!!!!!

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