Jasmine Star Photography – Orange County

3 07 2007

Today we’re privileged to be featuring some jaw-dropping images by the equally stunning Jasmine Star!

As well as providing us with some of her images, Jasmine has kindly answered a few questions for us, which include how she keeps herself inspired & creative.

Jasmine Star

How do you keep yourself motivated & your photography fresh?
My motivation stems from the many people who’ve crossed my path and the people I’m blessed to call my friends and family. They are the the nucleus of my passion for photography and buttress my aspirations. However, my fabulous husband is the main catalyst thrusting me to keep my work fresh and different…he challenges me in ways unfathomable and encourages me to surpass predisposed expectations. He’s amazing! 🙂

What (or who) has inspired, & continues to inspire, your work?
This is a slightly complicated question because I’m inspired by so many different things! I’ve thought long and hard about this and I’ve boiled it down to three main elements:
*1. Literature. I love to read (I’m thoroughly addicted to any page cluttered with words!), so my goal with every image is to tell an entire story in a single frame. I’ve discovered that writers–much like photographers–can employ a myriad of methods to tell a story from a different angle and this has radically changed my thinking.
*2. Media. I recently started cataloguing inspiring work in a journal. Whenever I see an image that evokes an emotion, I rip it out of the newspaper I’m reading and paste it in my journal. Or if I love a fashion editorial, I’ll tear it out of a magazine and adhere it to my journal. Everything and anything is kept in this journal–pressed flowers, favorite quotes, and inspiring images–so when I need to be refreshed, I immediately open my journal and get my creative juices flowing!
*3. Photography Blogs. I read other photographers’ blogs everyday. I like to see what other photographers are doing and how they’re pushing the proverbial envelop. I’m truly inspired by many photographers and amazed and how much talent exists in this industry.

How important is the post-processing stage in your final images?
It’s important, but it’s not everything! I do very little post-processing to my images because I want people to see the image in its truest moment. A dear mentor of mine once said that Photoshop is only supposed to make a good picture better…NOT a mediocre picture passable.

Show us your favorite image that you’ve shot so far this year & tell us what it is about this image that makes it special to you.
I don’t have a favorite picture! I kind of feel like picking a favorite picture is like choosing a favorite parent…it’s impossible! 😉

If you were planning on having a photo-shoot, who would you want to photograph your portrait & why?
I LOVE Gilles Bensimone! He’s a fashion photographer, but with a heavy emphasis on simplistic images…he somehow strikes a beautiful balance between the model and the clothing so that one doesn’t outweigh the other. He’s such an inspiration!

To view more of Jasmine’s work, please visit her website or blog




5 responses

3 07 2007

Jasmine, wow! Amazing work. I’m inspired by seeing your images… Kinda makes me wanna move to California ;).

3 07 2007
Nataly Lemus

You rock, Jasmine!

4 07 2007
jessica messer

woot woot! lookin good girl!

5 07 2007
Michael Juiliano


5 07 2007
Kelley WC

H. O. T. as always Jasmine 🙂

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