Don’t box us in!

22 06 2007

Brides and Grooms are becoming aware that their day is unique, and that their choice of photographer and videographer should be someone that can capture all of the aspects of the day, in a unique way.

The staff of Trash the Dress has decided to create a website that features today’s best Artistic and Creative Photographers. We have a great thing going with Trash the Dress, but we thought it we be fun to show off the other amazing shots, besides the dress trashing, that are being created by photographers who have been given creative control.

We aren’t saying that your photographer shouldn’t be capturing the traditional formals or group shots….we’re just saying that when it comes to your wedding portfolio, if you are looking for amazing creative shots that will really set your pictures apart from everyone else, look for a creative photographer. Creatives don’t like to be boxed in with titles such as Portrait Artist, Photojournalist, or even Fashion Photographer. A good creative photographer uses a mixture of styles to create the ultimate portfolio for his or her clients.

We don’t like checklists. We don’t like the ordinary. We don’t like copying what’s been done. Inspire us, Ask us, Influence us, Show us, but don’t box us in. Let us bring our style and experience to your wedding to create an amazing and unique illustration of your story.

After all, we know our clients don’t like to live in a box either. Come experience the other side of wedding photography.




3 responses

22 06 2007

I’m very excited about this! 🙂 How do I sign up?

22 07 2007
Kelly MacKay

Wow this website is amazing. I found it through the red leaf studio blog, they are a amazing talent and capture beauty and love perfectly. Thank you for creating a site like this to learn, love, and feel. I am amazed at the beauty and talent and strive to learn each day and stretch myself to new limits everytime I pick up my camera.

Thanks again,


25 07 2007
sara from whitebox

what an awesome blog! you have featured so many of my favorite photographers, but I have also discovered some new faces. yea! more blogs to stalk. : )

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